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Staff Directory

Contact Stacy Aldridge  Stacy Aldridge Principal
Contact Amy Babcock  Amy Babcock Title I / Interventionist
Contact Sarah Bagley  Sarah Bagley Grade 1
Contact Gina Bertrand  Gina Bertrand Special Education Para
Contact Sarah Bloom  Sarah Bloom Kindergarten
Contact Nathan Bohlken  Nathan Bohlken Physical Education
Contact Debbie Burchfield  Debbie Burchfield Grade 5
Contact Kelly Cornejo  Kelly Cornejo Grade 6
Contact Anne Cross  Anne Cross Grade 2
Contact Natalie Crow  Natalie Crow ELD
Contact David Dillard  David Dillard Robot Overlord
Contact Mary Eberle  Mary Eberle (719) 475-6150 Kindergarten
Contact Mark Freeman  Mark Freeman Building Manager
Contact Amy Geiger  Amy Geiger Band
Contact Whitney Hallock  Whitney Hallock Special Education
Contact Ann Johnson  Ann Johnson Special Education Para
Contact Calgary Landreneaux  Calgary Landreneaux Grade 2
Contact Sharon Lewis  Sharon Lewis Special Education Para
Contact Leah Lowe  Leah Lowe Art
Contact Kristi MacLennan  Kristi MacLennan Grade 4
Contact Jill Mason  Jill Mason 3rd Grade
Contact Megan Mathias  Megan Mathias Elementary School Nurse
Contact Laura Maxedon  Laura Maxedon Grade 6
Contact Elizabeth McClow  Elizabeth McClow Special Education
Contact Sandy McLaughlin  Sandy McLaughlin Health Aide
Contact Deedle Murray  Deedle Murray (719) 475-6150 ex: 15 Staff
Contact Cassie Namnoum  Cassie Namnoum Grade 1
Contact Melissa Parker  Melissa Parker (719) 475-6150 ex: 57 Speech Language Pathologist
Contact Sharon Paulson  Sharon Paulson Secretary
Contact Clare Prystup  Clare Prystup Title 1 / Interventionist
Contact Mary Runkle-Cochrane  Mary Runkle-Cochrane Music
Contact Laurie Rychener  Laurie Rychener Grade 3
Contact Jami Seabolt  Jami Seabolt Grade 5
Contact Robert Shellenberger  Robert Shellenberger Custodian
Contact Linette Sheridan  Linette Sheridan Interventionist
Contact Stan Stevens  Stan Stevens Grade 4
Contact Adisa Suceska  Adisa Suceska Special Education
Contact Mary Whitman  Mary Whitman Counselor

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