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Mission and Beliefs

Our Mission...

To provide a community where everyone is safe, happy, and free to learn and grow to the best of their potential;  where foundations of academic, emotional, social, and physical preparation are laid to face tomorrow's challenges;  where respect and integrity are fundamental.

Above all, Skyway embraces a leading educational experience where learning is a shared passion.

Mission Statement, Vision and Commitments

Skyway Mission Statement:

Skyway Elementary School provides a high-quality educational program, that allows all students to learn and grow to their fullest potential, academically, socially, emotionally and physically, in a safe and community-oriented environment.

Skyway Vision

Skyway is...

  • a place where high expectations for all are upheld.
  • a place where students and staff are life long learners.
  • a safe, loving, and supportive community.
  • working toward teaching to the stage not the age.
  • a place where creative thinking is nurtured.
  • fostering pride and national and global citizenship.
  • a place to develop each individual's personal best.
  • a place where diversity is respected.
  • a great place to grow

Skyway Staff Commitments

C--Create and maintain a Community atmosphere

O--Open and honest dialogue about student achievement and growth

M--Model and Mentor ALL students

E--Embrace Every child and share responsibility for their safety and growth

T--Teaming Together, we can cause all children to learn and grow

Skyway, what a great place to grow!