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Title 1

What is Title I?

Title I is a federally funded program meant to provide resources to schools to ensure that all students have a fair, equitable, and significant opportunity to obtain a high-quality education and close educational achievement gaps.  Funds are based on census poverty rates from ages 5 through 17; eligibility is based on state statutory formulas.  Title I programs work to address the needs of Colorado's lowest performing students and those at risk for not meeting end of year grade level expectations.  

Skyway operates a "Schoolwide" program because of our high numbers of at-risk students and a poverty rate above 40%.  We can implement a schoolwide program to our entire school, not just for those students considered "at-risk".  

Skyway Title I Staff Recognized by the Colorado Department of Education

We are happy to announce that Amy Babcock and Clare Prystup have been recognized for their efforts to strengthen literacy connections between home and school through "The Book Zone".  

Read the article published by CDE here.

How does Skyway spend their Title I allocation?

Every summer the building principal collaborates with district-level administrators on student needs, based on achievement data.  District Title I funds are shared between Skyway Elementary and Vanguard Charter School, based on free/reduced lunch rates.  Our current allocation of $126,000 is spent on 2 full-time positions, parent involvement activities, student literacy and mathematics resources, and Leader In Me teacher training.  

What can a Title I school do for parents? Students? Our community?

Title I schools are required to include a parent engagement component to their school improvement plan.  Each year, parents are invited to attend a "Title I Meet & Greet" to familiarize themselves with our teaching staff and what strategies are most effective when working with students on math and literacy skills.  Ongoing communication is sent home with students, highlighting strategies to strengthen home-school connections.  In December, families are invited for a special luncheon to share our appreciation of continued support and celebrate the parents in our students' lives.  The continuous school improvement efforts required of a Title I school not only play a positive role in students' lives, but strengthen community connections as well.  Students are developed as educational ambassadors for our school and experience how our school's success impacts our positive contribution to the stakeholders around us.  Multiple community members connect with students as guest speakers for students, encouraging hard work, a focus on academics, and goal setting.